Great Blessing of Waters at Theophany

After the Prayer of the Amvon, proceed to the narthex where water has been prepared.

Stikhira 1 Tone 8

Stikhera 2

Stikhira 3

Stikhira 4

Deacon: Wisdom!

Cantor: The reading is from the Prophecy of Isaiah

Deacon: Let us be attentive.

Cantor: Thus says the Lord: You that thirst, go for water. And as many of you as have no money, make your way and buy. And eat and drink wine and fat without money and price. Why do you spend money on what is not food, and toil for what does not satisfy? Hear me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in good things. Give heed with your ears and follow in my ways. Listen to me and your soul will live among good things. And I will make an eternal Covenant with you, the sure mercies of David. See, I have given him as a testimony among the Nations, a ruler and commander among the Nations. See, Nations who do not know you will call upon you, and peoples who are not acquainted with you will take refuge with you, for the sake of the Lord your God and the Holy One of Israel, because he has glorified you. Seek the Lord, and when you find him, call upon him. But when he comes near you, let the impious abandon his ways and a lawless man his plans. And return to the Lord and you will find mercy, and cry out, for he will abundantly forgive your sins. For my plans are not like your plans, nor are my ways like your ways, says the Lord. But as far as heaven is from earth, so far is my way from your ways and your thoughts from my mind. For as rain or snow comes down from heaven and does not return until it has saturated the earth and it brings forth and sprouts and gives seed to the sower and bread for food, so will my word be. Whatever comes out of my mouth will not return to me empty, until everything that I wished has been fulfilled. And I will make my ways and my commands prosper. You will go out with gladness and be taught with joy. For the mountains and hills will leap up, welcoming you with joy, and all the trees of the field will clap with their branches. And instead of brambles cypress will come up, and instead of nettles myrtle will come up. And there shall be for the Lord a name and an everlasting sign, and it will not fail.

Deacon: Wisdom!

Cantor: The reading is from the Prophecy of Isaiah

Deacon: Let us be attentive.

Cantor: Thus says the LORD: with joy you will draw water at the fountain of salvation, and say on that day: Give thanks to the LORD, acclaim his name; among the nations make known his deeds, proclaim how exalted is his name. Sing praise to the LORD for his glorious achievement; let this be known throughout all the earth. Shout with exultation, O city of Zion, for great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel!1

Deacon: Let us be attentive!

Priest: +Peace be to you all.

Cantor: And to your spirit.

Deacon: Wisdom!

Cantor: The prokeimenon in the third tone: The Lord is my light and my salvation: Whom then shall I fear?

Cantor: The Lord is the Defender of my life: of whom shall I be afraid?

Deacon: Wisdom!

Cantor: The reading is from the First Epistle of the Holy Apostle Paul to the Corinthians.

Deacon: Let us be attentive!

Cantor: Brethren: I want you to remember this: our fathers were all under the cloud and all passed through the sea; by the cloud and the sea all of them were baptized into Moses. All ate the same spiritual food. All drank the same spiritual drink. They drank from the spiritual Rock that was following them, and the rock was Christ.

Priest: Peace be to you, reader!

Cantor: Alleluia in the fourth tone.

Cantor: The voice of the Lord over the waters, the God of glory thunders, the Lord, over vast waters.

Cantor: Why is it, O sea, that you fled? O Jordan, that you turned back?

Deacon: Wisdom. Let us stand aright and listen to the Holy Gospel.

Priest: +Peace be to you all.

Priest: The reading of the Holy Gospel according to Saint Mark.

Deacon: Let us be attentive.

Priest: And it came to pass in those days, that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized by John in Jordan. And straightway coming out of the water, He saw the heavens opened, and the Spirit like a dove descending upon Him; and there came a voice from heaven, saying, You are my beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased.

Great Litany

Deacon: In peace, let us pray to the Lord.

For the peace from above and for the salvation of our souls, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For the peace of the whole world, for the welfare of the holy churches of God and for the union of all, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For this holy temple and for those who enter here with faith, reverence and the fear of God, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For our Metropolitan, His Eminence Antony; for our Archbishop, His Eminence Daniel, for the reverend presbyters, for the deacons in Christ and for all the clergy and the people, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For our God-Loving and God-Protected country the United States of America, for the government and armed forces, and for all the people; for our God-Loving and God-Protected ancestral homeland Ukraine, and for all her people let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For this city, (village or holy monastery) and for every city and community and for the faithful who live in them, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For seasonable weather, an abundance of the fruits of the earth and for peaceful times, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For those who travel by land, sea and air, for the sick, the suffering, for captives and for the salvation of them all, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For these waters, that the cleansing operation of the Trinity, supreme in being may come down upon them, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For these waters, that they may be given the grace and redemption and the blessing of the Jordan, by the power and operation of the Holy Spirit, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: That Satan may be swiftly crushed beneath our feet, and that every counsel that is directed against us by him may be made of no effect, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: That the Lord will deliver us from every attack and temptation of the Enemy, and make us worthy of the good things that are promised, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: That we may be enlightened by the light of knowledge and godliness through the descent of the Holy Spirit, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: That the Lord may send down the blessing of the Jordan and may sanctify these waters, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For this water, that it may become a gift of sanctification, a remission of sin, for the healing of soul and body and for every purpose that is expedient, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For this water, that it may become a fountain springing up into eternal life, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For this water, that it may serve to the averting of every evil purpose of visible and invisible enemies, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For those who are drawing from this water, and taking it for the sanctification of their homes, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: That we may be found worthy to be filled with holiness through partaking of these waters, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: That the Lord our God may listen to the prayers of us sinners and have mercy on us, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: For our deliverance from all affliction, wrath, danger and distress, let us pray to the Lord.

Deacon: Help us, save us, have mercy on us and preserve us, God, by Your grace.

Deacon: Remembering our Most-Holy, Most-Pure, Most-Blessed and Glorious Lady, the Birth-Giver of God and Ever-Virgin Mary, together with all the saints, let us commend ourselves and one another and all our life, to Christ our God.

Priest: For to You are due all glory, honor and worship: to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and to the ages of ages.

Prayers of Sophronios. Patriarch of Jerusalem

Priest: O Trinity, transcendent is essence, in goodness and in divinity, O Almighty, invisible and incomprehensible, who watch over all, O Creator of intelligent essences, of natures endowed with speech, O Goodness of utter and unapproachable brilliance, who enlighten every man who comes into the world: enlighten me also, your unworthy servant! Illuminate the eyes of my mind, that I may venture to praise your immeasurable goodness and your might; let my beseeching on behalf of these people be wholly acceptable, so that my sins may not prevent the descent of the Holy Spirit upon this place; that without condemnation, I may be permitted to cry out to You and say: “We glorify You, O Master and Lover of Mankind, almighty King before eternity! We glorify You, O Creator and Maker of all! We glorify You, only-begotten Son, who have no father with your Mother, and no mother with your Father: for in the feast foregone, we have seen You as a Babe, and in this present feast we see You as a perfect Man, O our perfect God, appearing out of Perfection: for today we have attained the time of feasting, and the ranks of saints have joined us, and the angels celebrate together with men; today, the grace of the Holy Spirit, in the likeness of a dove, comes down upon the waters; today there shines the Sun that never sets, and the world is sparkling with the light of the Lord; today the moon is bright, together with the earth, in the glowing radiance of its beams; today the brilliant stars adorn the universe with the splendor of their twinkling; today the clouds from heaven shed upon man a shower of justice; today the Uncreated One willingly permits the hands of his creature to be laid upon Him; today the Prophet and Forerunner comes close to the Master, and he stands in awe, a witness of the condescension of God towards us; today through the presence of the Lord the waters of the Jordan River are changed into remedies: today the whole universe is refreshed with mystical streams; today the sins of mankind are blotted out by the waters of the Jordan River; today paradise has been opened to mankind, and the Sun of righteousness has shone upon us; today, at the hands of Moses, the bitter water is changed into sweetness by the presence of the Lord; today we are delivered from the ancient mourning, and, like a new Israel, we are saved; today we escape from darkness, and, through the light of the knowledge of God, we are illumined; today the darkness of the world vanishes with the appearing of our God; today the whole creation is brightened from on high; today errors are cancelled, and a way of salvation is prepared for us by the coming of the Lord; today the heavenly dwellers rejoice with those of the earth, and the dwellers of earth with those of heaven; today the noble and eloquent assembly rejoices, the assembly of those of the true faith; today the Lord comes to be baptized, so that mankind may be lifted up; today the One who never has to bow inclines Himself before his servant so that he may release our chains; today we have acquired the kingdom of heaven: indeed, that kingdom of heaven that has no end.

Today the land and the sea divide between them the joy of the world, and the world is filled with rejoicing. The waters behold You, O Lord: the waters behold You, and they fear; the Jordan River turns back its course as it beholds the fire of the Godhead coming down upon it and entering it in the flesh; the Jordan River turns back its course as it beholds the Holy Spirit descending in the likeness of a dove, and hovering above it; the Jordan River turns back its course as it beholds the Invisible made visible, the Creator existing in the flesh, and the Master in the likeness of a servant; the Jordan River turns back its course, and the mountains shout with glee as they behold God in the flesh. And the clouds give voice, and are filled with awe by the One who is coming, Light of light, true God of true God, the One who, in the Jordan River, has drowned the death of sin, the thorn of error, and the bond of Hades, and granted the baptism of salvation to the world. So also am I, your unworthy and sinful servant, encompassed by fear as I proclaim your great wonders; and I cry out reverently to You, and say:

Making the sign of the Cross over the water dip the candle into the water and proclaim thrice:


By Your divine will You brought forth all things out of nothingness into being, by your might You control all creation; by your providence You govern the universe, O You who made the whole world out of four elements and crowned the cycle of the year with four seasons.

The immaterial powers tremble before You; the sun praises You, and the moon is your worshiper; the stars are our servants, and light bows to your will; the tempests tremble, and the springs adore You. You spread out the heavens like a tent; You set the land upon the waters; You fringed the seas with sandy beaches; You let the air flow about for our breathing. To You are all the hosts of spirits bowing: for You are worshiped by the ranks of the Archangels, by the many-eyed Cherubim, by the six- winged Seraphim, as they stand in your presence and fly about You, covering themselves out of fear of your unapproachable glory. And You, O God, while remaining boundless, without beginning, and beyond all words, deigned to come down upon earth, to assume the likeness of a servant, and to become like man. Heeding the depth of your compassion, O Master, You could not bear to see humanity defeated by the devil, and so You came to save us: for we declare that grace and mercy belong to You, and we do not make a secret of your goodness. You freed the children of our nature, and through your birth You sanctified the virginal womb: You sanctified the course of the Jordan River by sending to it your all-holy Spirit, and crushed the head of every dragon nestling in it.

Breathing over the water in the form of the Cross, proclaim thrice:


Grant it the grace of giving redemption, and the sanctifying power of the Jordan River. Make it a fount of incorruptibility, a gift of sanctification, a redemption of sins, a healing drug for illness, a destroyer of devils; make it hold back the powers of the enemy, and fill it with the might of the angels, so that all who drink and receive of it may be blessed in their souls and bodies, healed of their sufferings, sanctified in their homes, and may receive every befitting grace.

For You are our God, who, with water and the Spirit, restored the youthfulness of our nature made old by sin.

You are our God, who drowned sin in the waters at the time of Noah.

You are our God who, in the sea, and at the hands of Moses, delivered the Hebrews from the bondage of Pharaoh.

You are our God who cleaved the rock in the wilderness, so that the waters gushed out, and the valleys overflowed, and the people were satisfied.

You are our God who, with fire and water, and at the hands of Elias, delivered Israel from the errors of Baal.

Tracing the Sign of the Cross in the water with the hand, proclaim thrice:


Grant sanctification, blessing, cleansing, and health to all those who touch it, and to those upon whom it is poured, and to those who receive of it. Save, O Lord, your servants, our public authorities: keep them under your shadow in peace; subdue under their feet every enemy and adversary; grant them the means of salvation and eternal life.

Remember, O Lord, our Metropolitan His Eminence Antony; for our Archbishop, His Eminence Daniel, for the reverend presbyters, for the deacons in Christ and the people who are present here today, and those who are absent for worthy reasons. Have mercy on them and on us according to Your loving kindness, so that Your all-holy Name may be glorified by the elements, by the angels, by men, by visible and invisible creatures, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages.

Priest: +Peace be to you all.

Deacon: Bow your heads to the Lord.

Priest: Incline Your ear and hearken unto us, O Lord, baptized in the Jordan, Who has sanctified the waters. Bless all who, by the bowing of our head, outwardly show You our servitude; and count us worthy to be filled with Your sanctification through partaking of this water, and being sprinkled with it, may it bring us, O Lord, health of mind and body.For You are the sanctification of our souls and bodies, and to You we give glory, together with Your Father, without beginning, and Your All Holy, Good, and Life-Creating Spirit, now and ever and to the ages of ages.

Taking the cross upright in both hands plunging it into the water, singing as lifts it from the water thrice:

At Your Baptism in the Jordan, O Lord,
the worship of the Trinity was made manifest.
For the Voice of the Father bore You witness
and called You His Beloved Son.
The Spirit in the form of a dove
confirmed the truth of His word. //
O Christ our God Who have revealed Yourself and enlightened the world, glory to You.

Коли в Йордані хрестився Ти, Господи,
відкрилось поклоніння Святій Тройці,
бо голос Отця про Тебе свідчив,
називаючи Тебе улюбленим Сином,
і Дух у вигляді голубиному
ці слова стверджував. //
Слава Тобі, Христе Боже, що з'явився і світ просвітив.

Sprinkling the whole temple with the newly blessed water, the troparion is sung continuously

Stikhira Tone 6

Complete the liturgy with Blessed be the Name of Lord, Ps. 33 and dismissal.